在摩特诺玛大学, you will be equipped with the tenacity and confidence to turn all you have toward a path toward changing the world. 在这里,你将取得卓越的学术成就等等.

高等教育可能是一段激动人心、充满力量和挑战的旅程. We believe that you are up for the task, and, at Multnomah, you won’t have to do it alone. You will be supported in your steps towards becoming a scholar and a servant leader; a friend and a community member; and a master of your craft. Wherever your journey takes you after you leave, at Multnomah, you will be more than a student.


完成你感兴趣的项目的申请. International students are encouraged to complete the enrollment process at least 6 months in advance of the intended start term in order to provide adequate processing time.


Provide Multnomah with evidence of your ability to meet your educational expenses here.
您需要完成 2023-2024年财务责任声明表 and submit it with documentation, such as official bank statements and tax returns.

在美国的大学或神学院学习是相当昂贵的. 一般来说, if you cannot cover at least 80% of the cost through sponsorship or personal financial resources, 你很可能无法进入摩特诺玛大学.

如果你不确定你是否有能力负担摩特诺玛, 我们仍然欢迎你申请入学, 我们会帮助你探索你的选择.

Schools in some countries refer to high school transcripts as “mark sheets” or “grade reports.” We are referring to a comprehensive listing of all courses and results you have completed, 由你就读的院校直接提供. 请注意, 为了使成绩单被视为正式的, 它必须以原始密封的形式到达, 保密信封或通过安全的电子数据库. This is most successful if the school or institution sends them directly to us.

如果你的学位是在美国以外完成的, you will need to have the transcript(s) showing your degree(s) reviewed by an evaluation service. We need to receive a basic evaluation stating what type of degree you earned and what kind of institution you attended. We will accept an evaluation from any business that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or Association of International Credential Evaluators, 公司. (AICE).

As of January 15, 2021, all international student-athletes are required to utilize 信用评估.

inredd是NAIA的国际学术证书评估服务. Their skilled staff of academic credential evaluators provide international students with basic credential comparability, course-by-course评估, 运动员资格附录, 以及经过认证的学习成绩复印件. 最重要的是,将使用redd评估来确定资格.

约瑟夫Silny & 的同事

Multnomah requires that international students score at least 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TEOFL). 这相当于托福网考79分。. 摩特诺玛的学校代码是4496. You may substitute the IELTS exam if you wish, with an overall band score of at least 6.5.

This requirement may be waived for some students whose primary language is English.

When you have been accepted for admission and have shown proof of adequate funding, 摩特诺玛大学会给你寄来录取通知书和美国大学的录取通知书.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility.“一般来说, international students need to obtain an F-1 student visa before enrolling at Multnomah. 在申请F-1签证之前, 你可能需要支付200美元的费用, 被称为“SEVIS费用”,到美国。.S. 国土安全部. 后, you will need to make an appointment with the American Consulate or Embassy with jurisdiction over your place of permanent residence and take your Form I-20 to them in order to be permitted to enter the United States.

欲知更多有关 国际学生表格.

所有学生都必须有医疗福利计划. 更多信息请访问 新录取学生页面.


如果你需要帮助支付你的教育费用,你并不孤单. Multnomah University offers scholarships that international students can apply for.



We are accredited through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and the Association of Theological Schools. This valuable distinction enables our “Bible university” model to provide a safe community for intellectually-curious Christians. 了解更多 欧宝娱乐官网的认证.

Multnomah is an inter-denominational Christian school, welcoming believers from all backgrounds. 在我们的 教义声明, 我们概述了这一地位对摩特诺玛的重要性, 我们的学生, 以及我们如何让我们的毕业生为忠诚的服务生活做好准备.

尽可能做到包容和通融, 我们接受未经认证的圣经学院的有限学分. 有关这方面的更多信息,请联系招生办公室.

我们有几个即将到来的日期为游客和几个 访问选项 以适应您的具体问题和您的时间表. 我们也可以安排一个视频通话来讨论您可能有的任何问题.

请参阅我们的注册主任办公室的网页 更多信息或资源.

是的,请到我们的 学生账户团队页面 有关付款方式的更多信息.


我们来这里是为了帮助你探索摩特诺玛以及它所提供给你的一切. We are also available to assist with any additional questions you have about the admissions process. 给我们打电话或发短信 (503) 251-6485 或电子邮件 admissions@roses4canada.com

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